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Learning to be warm: synthetic undershirts - tobias_buckell
Learning to be warm: synthetic undershirts

I’ve been blogging about my quest to remain warm in the winter. I talked about silk here, and wool here.

Wool has been scratchy, and silk the smoothest (and on a per weight basis, warmer). But yesterday the temperatures dropped down into single digits, negative with wind chill. There were drafts all throughout the house.

A week ago I acquired this Patagonia Capilene undershirt. It is about as thick as the Icebreaker wool shirt, not as smooth as my silk shirts. So it doesn’t slide as much, which is what I liked about the silk (a second skin).

However, the Capilene #2 shirt was, hands down, the warmest base layer I’ve used yet. In fact, it wore well this weekend in multiple environs, from warm room parties to going out in the 30 degree weather under my polo to get something from the car. I was chilled, but not dangerously so.

I pulled it out again on Tuesday due to the single digit temps so I could go outside.

This could be a go-to shirt, though I’m curious to see what will happen come warmer temperatures. I’m looking for something very versatile, so we’ll see. But this is so far my favorite of the shirts.

Next up, everyone has been emailing me that I *must* try Uniqlo’s undershirts. I’ve gotten enough positive recs that I will order one soon, once I get reimbursed for the wool shirts (I’m not made of money).

The other thing people have been encouraging me to do is purchase a mid-weight or heavy silk long sleeved shirt and have it tailored into a short sleeve (and to do the same with Patoginia) to get a killer warm undershirt that breathes well.

This is smart, and I will consider once I’ve moved through the Uniqlo test.

(Oh, and washing instructions for the Capilene are much simpler than silk, which I have to make sure not to harm with my stupidity, so that’s a bonus).

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comrade_cat From: comrade_cat Date: January 24th, 2013 04:19 am (UTC) (Link)

Tailoring is expensive.

Wintersilks has short-sleeved shirts and tank tops for men in many colours of silk. I have bought their stuff for women, it's really comfy. I wash them in the washer under cold/gentle and let them hang dry. Some of their stuff comes in varying thicknesses also.
tobias_buckell From: tobias_buckell Date: January 24th, 2013 05:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Tailoring is expensive.

The short sleeve wintersilk hasn't arrived. They initially sent me the wrong thing. I'll see if their short sleeve is more thick than the Land's End I have.

As for tailoring, my mum is actually a professional seamstress on the side, I'm sure I could get a family rate for a few shirts.
comrade_cat From: comrade_cat Date: January 24th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Tailoring is expensive.

Sorry, missed where you'd ordered it. (I've been reading lj spottily.)

Family rate is good. I get the version where I don't have to pay anything, I give it to my mom, and never get it back. :(
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