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Another bi-partisan attack on municipal broadband - tobias_buckell
Another bi-partisan attack on municipal broadband

Another attack on municipal broadband. My brother in law was just asking me why the US ranked so lowly for broadband access compared to large chunks of the developed world. I haven’t done a ton of research, but I imagine it’s bullshit like this:

In 2010, two counties in South Carolina, Orangeburg and Oconee, received federal funding to deliver broadband Internet to residents without access. The projects were the first of their kind in South Carolina. Now, they may also be the last.

Last week, South Carolina passed a law that imposes new regulations on communities that want to build next-generation broadband networks.

The law’s supporters say it ensures local governments don’t have an unfair advantage over private companies in the local broadband market. But critics say the law saddles local governments with financial and legal barriers that block them from deploying high-speed Internet access to rural communities in the future.

I looked at the bill’s list of sponsors and voters, and it was at a glance a pretty even mix of Republicans and Democrats.

Which is funny, because I thought Republicans were *against* extra regulations.

I guess only if they work *for* business and against people.

Then they’re AWESOME.

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