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Shell private Arctic launch party fails in awkwardly metaphorically perfect way

Oy: Cory Doctorow reports that the Shell Oil legal threat is a hoax on top of a hoax. Clever double whammy. A bit frustrating, though. It’s getting the attention, but I do believe in bad press, and adding the legal threat hoax, while clever, I don’t think adds to good will. I don’t know. It’s feeling more messy rather than ‘well done hoax.’

But it will get people talking about Shell’s move to drill in the Arctic, that’s for sure. I’m just not sure what that means other than attention gotten.

Update: it’s a very clever hoax. I got suckered :-) A great hoax, though, because Shell is actually sending threatening legal threats to anyone who reports on the hoax, according to Cory at Boing Boing. They could have come off looking like the aggrieved party, but now are starting to look like just the sort of assholes the video was parodying:

Shell is monitoring the spread of potentially defamatory material on the internet and reporters are advised to avoid publishing such material.

Original post:

To celebrate the new Arctic exploration rig ships that are headed out right now to make the thesis of my last novel, Arctic Rising, come totally true, Shell Oil had a little party to celebrate in the Seattle Space Needle.

It included a tiny rig that was supposed to shoot some sort of drink into your glass.

Guess what happens next?

You don’t have to. Here is the awkwardly, metaphorically pitch perfect (wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it), video, including actual dudes in suits trying to take away the phone from someone taking the video:

*Shakes head*

Found via Daring Fireball

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